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1rst Week of August 2017


His head lolls back and I’m staring straight up his hairy nostrils.


Her bleeding heart shattered as the mirror's glass bounced across the floor.


Like funhouse mirrors, his words distorted her. She laughed until she screamed.


Midnight marauder, eyes of dying embers. Whoops and hollers. Steals the moon.


Old man gasped for breath. I cannot die. My wife needs me.


Sometimes it helps to remember fractured words are held together by heartbeats.


He shut his eyes and waited for the fire to burn everything.


She woke in pain, shackled to the wall. Lightning flashed, revealing rats.


Αlzheimer's helped her forget all those unsolved murder cases on her desk.


The farmer spat blood and stared at the dagger the scarecrow held.


at daggers drawn
embrace for earthly
peace ushering
age of prosperity


She thought herself unable, always reaching for more, better than she believed.


It was just a sneer. The smallest of things. Then only regret.


The idea of her, sent him into despair. A thrill gripped her.


Gliding past the silver waves/ Aged peers waivered/ stand for uncertain fate.


He walked in laughing -
rare, tall, perfect unexplained.
Her future now made.


A trigger squeezed. A jolt. A new frame for the school photograph.


It was dark but the sky shimmered. A perfect night for murder.


In the beginning, our eyes did the talking. Then she looked elsewhere.


He's expected to be an involved father; just not after the divorce.

2nd Week of August 2017


We live, we love, we laugh, we cry at our last goodbye.


Broomstick flight.
Magnificent, magical night.
Into the storm
I face the unknown.


All was fine until he downloaded the app and time flew by.


You took everything I said, put it in your mouth, and swallowed.


He was such a sweet guy. We never saw the massacre coming.


Never again was the villiains' advance delayed nor the heroes' arrival tarried.


Kingdom of taste persists. Sweet, sour, salty and bitterness coexist in harmony.


As the research facility burned, first responders learned the fire was sentient.


A new, hot craps shooter hid his horns beneath a top hat.


The stars could be out tonight, but the sieged castle burned brighter.


Is it fate? Always wanting and waiting for what is not mine.


He loved the thrill of playing kiss chase – especially late at night.


"Is it that time already?"
The Grim Reaper nodded and moved closer.


Gran vacated her chair and moved into the urn on the mantlepiece.


Their love remained eternal. Brighter than stars; everlasting eons of celestial births.


This world wasn't for her anymore, she thought while licking her tail.


She let her tears fall. The six birthday candles would burn eternally.


Sold shoes, redecorated nursery, celebrated her fortieth. We’ll always have each other.


Hazy lights dance before me on the horizon, and I am home.


At the sight of the house, her heart raced. She entered anyway.

3rd Week of August


Bringing the heat when needed brought the cold at the wrong time.


He new zimmer frame took her places she didn't want to go.


Wayward emotions subsided. Two souls, racked by grievous betrayal, braced in harmony.


The dogs were barking when the lady fell unconscious on the earth.


The State ruled over military, party politics & media, controlling national truth.


Her life became increasingly difficult, even showering, while incessantly thinking of him.


Berth uses the word 'defunct'; it's weird that the deads use it.


Goldilocks fired. The bullet caught Humpty Dumpty between the eyes. Goldilocks smiled.


Mirror to my face, inanimate though, is a portal to others' understanding.


For rent : wedding gown used only once; red ink provided in case.


Glorious morning. Fish are biting. Good catch, good company, wine, dinner cruise.


They believe they control our extracurricular rendezvous. But I pull the strings.


Her head became his bookend she thought wrongly he was her friend.


She was five. She flicked the switch and watched the world burn.


Still summer air wraps around my lemonade, forming beads, while cicadas sing.


Ingrid was slurping marrow from the bones when her stomach growled again.


A tangled web she weaved. Catching her victims before devouring their souls.


There’s no doubt about it; ladies who wear high heels look great .


Abandoned drafts resting in aether, like letters lost - never delivered, never read.


Darkness embraced him. The light did not. So he became the night.


Two gunshots and a stab wound later, he was finally a man.


She: purpose driven. He: nervous, hidden. All divorce begins at the altar.


Drops of blood from her glassheart splashed into the golden basin below.


"We don't wanna be a sweet potato pie," said the sweet potatoes.


She wasn't a stranger to homelessness, but with kids, it was different.

4rth Week of August


What a mix-up. Wrong body in the wrong coffin. Fortunately, nobody cared.


In a land of devils and angels, a young woman tames beasts.


Show your real self in a world where everyone is the same.


Furiously fighting. Swords violently clash. Defending ancestral land against invader. Sorrowful death.


Her bloody fingers rinsed clean, she inhaled pink surf one last time.


Her kiss buried a thousand secrets in its happening; hushing his doubts.


A solar eclipse, an army awaits. Caging her heart, she would win.


Could I halt your fatal leap at 100 tonnes of flashing metal?


The night has many eyes. The brightest belong to the Faerie Queene.


Religiousmaid, servant of God at day; prostitute, servant of Clients at night.


Andrew feeds the pinball machine his last quarter, presses play, then leaves.


Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holmes... Holmes, Holmes... fuck it.


Victor Locke dissected a crime scene like the most skilled of surgeons.


We—Earth and I—used to be fruitful, Edenic. But now: dust.


He raised his voices and the echo ran back to his ears.


I cry in despair when thinking of my lost son. God, why?


Ηe was piqued. Ιt said 121 words when it was only 12.


scan words
or savor each letter
seen & unheard
tasty eye candy


Darin, looking at his keyboard, muttered, "Now where is this Alt right?"


"No, I won't"
"Please, sir..."
"On BOTH sides!"
"Sir, please stop tweeting"


That kitten is small homicidal fluff-ball on legs creating havoc, clawing curtains.


Rhino was almost perfect, until he failed. Then he became human. Perfect.


Βarely conscious… she determined herself to focus onto the familiar lyrics of...


"I thought you were at office"
"Just came to say final goodbye "


It dawned. He sit under the grey sky and lit a cigarette.


Green light, so he flew. Another turning right on red, never knew.


My heart beats a little faster every time he says my name.


The Grim Reaper entered her dark bedroom, unknowingly triggering the booby trap.


She locked the door behind her, noting how hot the handle felt.


Time stood still. A little wind. An enticing voice inviting him in.


The salty waves ebbed and flowed nonchalantly, heedless of her salty teardrops.


Eden. Adam. Eve. Snake. Apple. Eat. Naked. Ashamed. They cover. Snake laughs.


Jenny enjoyed being in the ‘slow readers group’. The boys were there.


Anticipation. The egg hatched. We viewed in horror as a monster erupted.


Waves crash below. Seagulls screech. Weightless she falls like a paper doll.


 July 2017 - 12 Words Microfiction 

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How do I know if solar energy is a good fit for me?

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Once I get solar, am I "off the grid”?

Not necessarily. To be off the grid means you are completely disconnected from the power company. Solar panels alone do not accomplish this, without additional batteries. The excess power produced by your panels needs somewhere to go. That's where net metering comes in. If it can't go back onto the grid, you'll need to install a battery bank to hold all that power. To be ENTIRELY off the grid means you'd need batteries large enough to support your home's peak usage at any given time, which can get expensive. The most affordable solar setup typically involves net metering, but if you want to include a battery or go completely off grid, Mynt Solar can include a battery in your solar quote that will fit your needs.

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All panels purchased through Mynt Solar will come with a warranty directly from the manufacturer anywhere from 10-30 years on performance, parts, hardware, and even labor.

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How do I know how many solar panels I need?

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