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Προσφέρουμε μία σειρά από υπηρεσίες που θα σας βοηθήσουν να διαφημίσετε το βιβλίο σας στο κοινό μας
Our team is here to help all the flash fiction writers promote their work to our readers

Book a Service to Promote your Book

Publishing a story in 121 Words is and always will be free. 

On top of that, we offer a number of services to help you

connect further with your audience!

: Write your microfiction biography and present yourself to the literature world

One-time payment

Add your own 121-word Bio to 

accompany your published 

stories in

€ 2,00

Tell us all about your novel. Our readers enjoy all kind of major genres of literature

Post a 121-word Passage from

your book to promote your 

work to our readers

Prices per passage

€ 12,00

Publish Houses

€ 10,00

Self Publishers

: Do you have an upcoming event about your book? We look forward to read about it.

Post a 121-word Press Release

of your book signing to notify

our readers

Prices per press release

€ 6,00

Publish Houses

€ 5,00

Self Publishers

Our newsletter report is the best way to inform our audience about your latest projects

Join our monthly Newsletter 

and spread your news

about your book

Prices per newsletter

€ 24,00

Publish Houses

€ 20,00

Self Publishers

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